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Do you have a treasure trove of memories and photos stashed away waiting for you to start— a digital storehouse of unorganized photos, a shoebox of memories, a locket of hair?

Do you have all your photos organized but feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of memories you want to capture and need a way to use many photos per page?

Do you love scrapbooking but feel your enthusiasm fading as scrapbook stores close and crops and retreats are few and far between?

Message from Carine Soriano

I know how it feels when your enthusiasm for scrapbooking fades and your stacks of photos feel like a heavy weight instead of a treasure chest. The traditional approach of building an entire layout around one or two photos is slow going and, after a few years, every layout begins to look the same.

As a native French woman, I learned a different approach to scrapbooking. In Europe, we use mosaic-like stencils. These stencils incorporate natural patterns, shapes, and proportions, which makes the layouts inherently beautiful. And while the designs appear complex, the stencils keep it simple.I decided to bring this approach to America by creating my own stencil designs in 2009. For the past 12 years, I have loved hearing how Lea France stencils have breathed new life into my clients designs and reignited their love of scrapbooking. You deserve to reignite your creative light so that designing layouts is once again a passionate work of art instead of a boring chore.

Join today a community of like-minded scrapbookers who come together to share mutual encouragement, creative inspiration, and dedication to scrapbooking

Enjoy creating memories and feel inspired again. No more staring at photos and papers for hours, feeling blocked.


Share your creative passion with other scrapbookers who understand you and know what you’re working to accomplish.


Join the company of other scrapbookers without having to pack all your things for a crop.


Delight in the progress of others on their journey, while enjoying their encouragement.


Celebrate your new pages with your kids and grandkids, using the pages to share story after story

Your loved ones need the memories only you can share. When you turn your photos into shareable memories, you’re lighting up this world with your personal love, joy, and miracles—making a brighter future for generations to come.

Get Instant Access to  Lea France Academy!

If you're ready to become a happier scrapbooker, simply choose what option works best for you and JOIN TODAY !

Opportunity to purchase member exclusive stencils


Angel Wings

Bon Voyage


Disco Ball

Half Moon






Star Anise


“ This is what Susie and Valerie think about the Academy”

Frequently Asked Questions


So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

I just want to get the member exclusive stencils

If you are interested only in buying Member Exclusive stencils and do not need

  • To meet your scrapbooking goals
  • Attend virtual crops
  • Get help in our private community for inspiration
  • Learn from my pick my brain videos

Then my recommendation is to sign up for a 3 month pass, order the stencils you want and get your 10% discount. It's a one time payment that will not renewed.

One thing that needs to be clarified before you sign up for a 3 month pass.  Member exclusive stencils are for members only and therefore you cannot buy 10 Portrait or 12 Lantern and give the stencils to your friends, this is one stencil per member only.



Can I be a member if I live outside USA?

You don't have to live in the USA to become a member. The membership is an online access. Regardless of where you live, if you have an internet connexion, you can access the content of the Academy.

All the benefits are the same for all members.

For the virtual crops, I have different dates and times to accommodate working or retired persons and people living in Europe including UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. So all times zones are well covered.


The typical calendar is 2 Tuesdays a month at 9AM PST and 3:30PM PST and 2 Saturdays a month at 9 AM PST and 3:30 PM PST

The crops are 3 hours long.

For the 10% discount, it is based on US dollar prices. So in other words, for a stencil at $23.99 US dollars, you get a $2.39 discount in US dollars.



How many pages are currently in the gallery?

As of today, you’ll be able to filter more than 5,000 page examples by:

  • Number of photos
  • Stencil used
  • Photo subjects (travel, wedding, landscapes, sports, etc..)
  • Even the techniques used (glitter, journaling, chalking etc…)

New layouts are added on a daily basis so there is always fresh content to inspire your scrapping.

Don't be overwhelmed by the number of pages because you can filter and narrow down your research to find the perfect pages for you. The catalog is huge but the results for you will be small and very customized to what you need.


How many virtual crops can I attend?

As many as you want! Once you sign up and become a member with full access, you will have instant access to the virtual crops calendar. I offer multiple crops a month at different days and times to accommodate persons leaving in USA and outside the USA, retired persons and working persons.


The regular schedule is

Tuesday at 9AM PST or 3:30 PM PST (last 3 hours)

Saturday at 9AM PST or 3:30 PM PST (last 3 hours)

How does a virtual crop work? What do I need to attend?
It is like a physical crop where you work on your own scrapbook project and chat with others as you would if they were sitting with you and also share or ask for ideas, etc.
You just need a camera on your phone, tablet or computer to be able to see other participants. As with any other crop, you can attend the 3 hours or you can leave early or do a break during the session.
The crop will be held on the “Zoom meeting” platform. It is very user-friendly and I have video tutorials to show you how to install and use it.
The crops is for both traditional and digital scrapbookers.


I am a digital scrapbooker, can I still join the academy?

Digital scrapbookers can join the Academy for a full access for 3 months or one year and you will get the same advantages as traditional scrapbookers:

  • Get 10% off on all digital stencils
  • Attend virtual crops with other digital and traditional scrapbookers
  • Access to the gallery with traditional and digital layouts
I don't use Facebook, can I still join the Academy?

Yes you can join the Academy but you will miss the communication and engaging conversations the members have inside the FB group, so this is a choice only you can make.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Because you get instant, unlimited access to the Lea France Academy including 10% on all your purchases, there is no refund given on membership. If you decide that the Academy is not for you, you can simply cancel your membership before the automatic renewal date. You don't have to wait to cancel because your subscription will remain active until the end of your payment term (renewal date). So there is no advantage to cancel only few days before it ends, you can cancel at any time and keep all the benefits until the end of your payment term.

There is also no refund if you didn't spend enough time inside the Academy or if you didn't have a good internet connection to access to the Academy's content and events. These are 2 things we have no control over and can't refund for this reason.

There is also no refund given if you "forgot" to cancel, you can cancel at any time with a click of a button and you don't need to wait it's coming to the end of your membership. As a reminder your subscription remains active until the end of your payment term (renewal date) so there is no need to wait for the renewal date to come to cancel. We also send a reminder before the renewal so you know the renewal is coming.


Is it hard to cancel?

Absolutlely not! It is super easy to cancel with no need to contact us, you just need to click on the button CANCEL under your account and you will get an email that will confirm the cancellation. There is no trying to "keep" you as a member. We want to help you get results and we have no interest to convince you to stay if you decide to stop.


Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of scrapbookers and design team members who are there to support each other

Become infinitely better at using the stencils and finding creative ways to use it you never tought was possible, so that you are faster and more inspired to create.

Learn from videos with expert tips and techniques and master using the stencils way faster that learning it on your own. We give you the shortcut to all the secrets on uisng at their best the stencils 🙂 


Membership Academy is NOT for everyone, and truth be told we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase...



Enjoy creating memories and feel inspired again. No more staring at photos and papers for hours, feeling blocked.


Get help when you are stuck on one of your pages. You simply go inside our Private Community and ask for help so you can get your page done and move on to the next project.


Love to scraplift and want to find pages quickly inside our gallery by selecting the criteria that matters to you. (stencil used, number of photos, subjects...)


Always say "I will scrapbook when I will have time" but it seems you never find the time to actually do it. With our 4 monthly crops, you get pages done because what gets planned gets done. PERIOD.


If you lost your mojo, inside the Academy we will have it back in no time!!


If you don't like to feel overwhelmed by all the content, we designed the Academy so you can consult the content at your own peace without the feel is being behind!


If you are afraid of getting bored. Don't worry, you cannot be get bored! We always improve, evolve and add new exiting events inside the Academy and I say WE because the Academy has been created for members and improved by the members.


Your internet connexion is really bad. It will make it difficult to enjoy the videos or the crops you will attend.

You don’t have a smartphone or a tablet or a computer with a camera on it to attend the virtual crops.

If you have a lot of difficulties working with computers or internet. Unless you have someone in your house that can help you, I wouldn't recommend to sign up. We don't use COMPLEX technology at all but we DO use some basic technology, so I don't want you to get frustrated if no one can help you in your house.

If you are interested only in getting the member exclusive stencils and you don’t need to attend virtual crops to get the motivation, accountability and advice/feedback to create your pages, then the 3 month pass is better for you.


Well of course WE think we’re awesome - it would be worrying if we didn’t! But don’t just take our word for it, check out this smattering of nice things people are saying about us in the wild...



 My design team and I have decades of experience in photo layout stencils. We were the first in the USA to introduce this concept and remain the top leader when it comes to quality, expertise and support. We are also very proud to manufacture in the USA since 2009.


We eat, sleep and breathe helping scrapbookers get inspiration and motivation to create wonderful pages. The Academy is our primary focus and we love helping our members achieve success. It's all we do, and we're not going anywhere!


With over 500 members worldwide - all fellow scrapbookers - the Academy community is there 24/7 to answer all your questions and provide feedback and support.  Scrapbookers are naturally generous and want to help out each other and it shows every day inside our community!

Get Instant Access to the Academy!

If you're ready to become a happier scrapbooker, simply choose what option works best for you and JOIN TODAY !