How to use a Lea France Digital Template

To watch the video in a bigger format click at the bottom right of the video.

IMPORTANT: Print the PDF below so you can easily create your page following the printed steps. And we also have the time stamps for the class so it’s easy to review a part important to you.

Time stamps for the class:

0 to 5:52 Who were in class and what will be covered
5:53 to 7:17 Funny moment where Andrea gets a massage from her husband Neil
7:18 to 12:03 Lori Bickford your teacher
12:03 to 14:25 Photo elements introduction
14:25 to 20:51 Adding the photos
20:51 to 33:12 Merging layers
33:12 to 43:30 Adding the papers
43:30 to 50:52 FAQ
Where to print pages online
Where to buy embellishments (flowers, buttons, etc..)
2 recommendations for home printers

50:52 to 58:23 Artisan introduction
58:23 to 1:00:20 Adding the photos
1:00:20 to 1:02:44 Cropping photos
1:02:44 to 1:05:53 Adding the papers
1:05:53 to 1:08:25 Adding a title
1:08:25 to 1:12:18 FAQ
What to do when you save your file at the wrong time
Reminder that Artisan doesn’t work on Mac
What a typical digital kit contains
Difference between Artisan’s files and other types of files (Artisan’s exclusivity)
Different versions of the softwares and how the releases are different
Discussion about not overwhelming you with too many resources
Discussion around the advantages of digital scrapbooking
The different formats you will get when buying kits
Scanning traditional pages allows you to use them into your digital project.

Now in terms of resources

Where to get the supplies used in class:

Dropbox folder with photos, free template, and papers

How to install the free trials of the 2 softwares:


Photoshop Elements

Where to buy digital supplies:

Where to learn digital scrapbooking:

Lori’s facebook group, its free to join is a great place with free tutorials and videos- and others that are paid and more advanced

You Tube

Most common short cuts/commands to use when you own a Lea France Stencil for PhotoShop Elements

To crop the photos to a shape:

  • Ctrl+Alt+G for Windows users
  • Cmd+Alt+G for Mac users

To merge layers together

Click on the first layer you want to merge and press Shift while you select the second layer. Then right mouse click in the layer panel and “merge layers”

To undo a mistake

  • Ctrl+Z for Windows users
  • Cmd+Z for Mac users

Where to print the individual pages or an entire bounded book




If you want to print on your own printer

2 good printers: the one Jan recommended and the one I bought myself with a rebate of $250 on BH Photo & Video at this time plus a free photo paper pad size 13 by 19 inches.

Jan’s Printer Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 bought on Amazon

My printer Canon PIXMA PRO -100

WARNING: If you use the rebate offer, please make sure to keep the BOX the printer comes in. You need to cut out the number on the cardboard itself with an exacto knife, so if you get rid off the card box, they will not give you the rebate even with the proof of purchase. I got the rebate but you really have to follow every step closely otherwise you won’t get the rebate and pay the full price. Also not sure about Jan’s printer but you need to be a bit techy to use it and install it.